Good bye, Dartington!

A lovely bunch of teenagers  took part into our programme in Dartington during the first two weeks of the summer!

Lovely, bright young people who nurture the hope of a brighter future!

Praise to the students! Praise to an excellent team of teachers and tutors! Praise to a good community of host-families and school who hosted this event!

As “Every rose has thorns“, we were not perfect, but I daresay that all the students have been happy and -I hope- satisfied with their language experience in Dartington.

[image from “How to be British” collection One and Two – sold by Amazon and btwostore]

You may like to visit the new page “Showroom” on the AEL website to see what has happened in Dartington for two weeks at the beginning of the summer and who have been our teachers and students.


A warm thank you to everyone taking part to the Dartington course, wishing all the participants a great summer, before we may meet again!

But… AEL programme 2014 is not finished yet! The Holywood course has just started and we’ll hear soon about it.

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