AEL 2024

Exeter Summer School

for Teenagers & Young People

Typical age range: 13 - 17
we may considered applicants up to 19

1st to 19th July 2024

Enter a World Of Creativity !


The AEL summer school in Exeter is based on drama classes and packed with actions, fun and learning opportunities!

In cooperation with
Cygnet Theatre in Exeter

wall painting




Drama workshop




Taiko session




  • Venue: Cygnet Theatre, Exeter
  • Dates: 1st to 19th July 2024
  • Duration: 2 or 3 weeks
  • Typical age range: 13-19
  • Daily Schedule: Monday to Friday 09:30 to 16:00
  • Full day outing: Saturday
  • Contents: Drama classes with integrated English tuition, Creative workshops (2 per week), Water-sports or outdoors (once a week)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Accommodation: Full-board homestay in selected host-families
  • Course Fee: £1,390 for 2 weeks – £2,080 for 3 weeks
  • Special rates available for returning students and multiple bookings – get in touch for details

What is included in the course fee?

  • Full programme
  • Full board accommodation
  • Local transports to/from school

What is not included in the course fee?

  • Travel from/to your Country
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
Drama workshop
Drama workshop

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What are the Benefits of Drama Classes

In language learning, social & personal development

Acting with Alistair

Social Skills


Drama is a powerful creative activity that requires teamwork and collaboration. No performance can be performed without a condition of positive cooperation between several people and various skills. Even out of a performance, drama exercises always require a certain degree of working together.

Drama workshop

Personal Development


All drama exercises encourage students to creatively act and speak in front of others, helping them grow self-confidence and self-esteem, two qualities that may live well over the end of the summer school.

Language Improvement

Communication Skills

Acting and practising drama exercises help develop verbal and non-verbal communications as wells speech, pronunciation and voice projection.

Drama exercise, Belfast

More Benefits

Drama classes have many more benefits in language learning and in educational development: here is a short summary of further beneficial effects of drama exercises.

While acting or role-playing, students learn to speak in turn at the appropriate time, to listen to the other character, to articulate well what they say and add accents and expressions to their role

Through drama practice and acting students focus their mind, gestures and voice to impersonate their character and to interact with others: exercises will help them develop the ability to improve concentration and memory.

In drama classes students are invited to play different characters or interact with other characters, which makes them capable to understand their own role and also the others. Exercises and acting nourish the capability to understand others and their perspectives without judging.

When playing characters or exercises, participants enter a new world, a new space and time where they develop new points of view, new understanding and new ways of thinking. Drama is always feeding imagination and creativity, therefore creative thinking that helps them find new solutions to solve problems or to imagine new lines of development. 

In drama exercises and acting participants succeed to bring to life a character or a scenario when they add emotions, gestures, movements to their words while interacting with others. This will help every individual to be who they are and become friends while interacting.


Enjoy art and craft workshops, outdoor activities and the friendly, dynamic environment of Exeter city!

Amenities & Facilities

  • Water-sports at Exeter Quay like kayaking, canoeing, dragon-boating, rafting …
  • 10-pin Bowling
  • Clip & Climb
  • Cinemas & theatres
  • Pubs & Shops
  • Easy City Transports (bus pass included in our courses)

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Location Exeter

Exeter is a great location with a young dynamic temper, that offers a large range of entertainment, services and facilities.

It is a delight that the AEL summer school 2024 in Exeter can be held at the venues of the Cygnet Theatre.

Drama workshops will be the core of the new AEL programme for teenagers and young people, but some other creative workshops will be enhancing the general experience of our students.

Acting, improvising, practising social interactions as well as gestures, movements and orientation, the complete range of drama exercises will have a great impact on language improvement and personal development.

Students in this course will gain confidence in verbal and non-verbal communications, improve fluency and correct pronunciation in spoken English, develop reciprocal understanding and significantly increase their self-confidence on the stage and out!

Come along:
learn, live, enjoy with us!

Walk in Dartmoor
Dragon-boating on river Exe
Exeter the Quay
Exeter the Quay
Cathedral Green
Exeter Cathedral Green
Clip&Climb Exeter
Clip&Climb Exeter

The Cygnet Theatre

The AEL summer school is deeply grateful and delighted to hire venues from the Cygnet Theatre in summer 2024!

“Nestled in the heart of Exeter, just above its beautiful quayside, Cygnet Theatre has been training actors and entertaining audiences since 1980. Originally founded by Monica Shallis and Mary Evans, our ethos has always been to train actors by throwing them into the footlights and performing to the public from day one. Our patron is the renowned theatre and film director Peter Brook.” (from the Cygnet Theatre website)

Cygnet, Lympstone
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