Bubbles and Labels

Ruth, you are not inadequate, you are outstanding! If I could have spoken with you before you took your life, I am sure that I would help you see your good and avoid that tragic decision. Because I know how deep negative judgements and labels can be devastating. How deep judgements and negative labels can undermine the self-confidence and dignity of a person who honestly works and sacrifices herself to an outstanding commitment as yours was

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How to use the moccasins of your brother at very best

It is a hard time to speak about understanding. It is hard in this time to "imagine all the people sharing all the world" as John Lennon sang.... It seems a time when we don't want to understand each other.... when we are learning to survive with deaf ears... when explosions replace the sound of music... Is this what we want for our children? Did we give up feeding their hope? spark their imagination? encourage them to stand for the future they want to?

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