Ready to go? Enjoy the challenge!

Our summer programme begins on the Summer Solstice Day! under a powerful heath wave that makes Devon feel like a Mediterranean country!!

Before you travel to Devon early in the morning on the 21st of June, let me give you three tips for a successful experience.



Set your target, focus it, get it!

You come to England because you want to improve your language, almost the spoken English, isn’t it?

If so, engage yourself actively in one of the most enjoyable, intense programme in AEL courses!

Should you be not determined nor interested to your experience, you may end up like the gentleman in the picture beside.




Being POLITE is very important in the English society: explore the   illustrated  picture and find out what “polite” is!!!



3. BE BRITISH (when you need to complain) !

This is a very important issue! it is the core of your whole experience !! Please, read the strip beside…. and consider how you would behave in a similar circumstance!

The picture  gives you an example of how to complain in British style!






Remember that you are always welcome to join the family life in every moment of the day!

Your Host-Mother and Host-Father would love to conversate with you in ENGLISH!

The picture below shows how you can feel member of the family!

You may memorise these instructions before-hand and you will have a successful stay!!!

I look forward to welcoming you in the UK !

Valerio and AEL Team

[images from “How to be British” collection One and Two – sold by Amazon and btwostore]