With the summer solstice a new adventure begins!


“‘Good friends, when gathered together, 

sing for the joy of singing! 

No matter what the weather, 

good friends are happy together. 

Good friends, when gathered together, 

sing for the joy of singing!” [read more]


The Teenager course starts just at the beginning of the summer. This week there has been a very pleasant heatwave across the South West of England, a sort of Tuscany-like weather that makes the South West fantastic! but even when it rains, here is the magic: the place continues to be fascinating and full of wonders!

Two wonders when learning together

canoeing acrobatics

The first wonder is that our Students take care of nothing else than the most significant aspect of their adventure:

 being together, learning together, exploring together: 

no matter the weather, but happy together!


The second wonder is that our Students -coming to learn English in the far-west of England- become soon friend and their friendship doesn’t end with the language programme: they don’t forget one other, they remain joined because of the intense experience they lived together.

They bring in their heart the memory of the community they built for a while and -when going home- they leave behind a golden thread made of emotions, common memories, the wish to meet again: in other words, while going back home,  they weave those golden threads into a shining living network of human beings, 

The special character of the summer programme 2015 is that we want more than ever to create the conditions of happiness in learning and unforgettable experiences!

Come and be active!

You may like to read in our list of activities what our students will; be going through in the next couple of weeks! and you might wish to  join them in their language, educational, social experience! Yes, because the Active English learning courses are not just English, not just memorising and squeezing your brain with words and notions, but fill your soul with good feelings, engage your mind into the lively practice of English, involve your body in learning by doing; our programme will lead our Students into the joy of learning English, into the enthusiasm of feeling English!

sharing joy
sharing joy

If you can’t come to our summer courses and live this adventure for real, do not give up: you might come in the future and for the moment follow our daily report with images, videos and news on the AEL blog, or one of our social network pages. The virtual world is not the same as real obviously, but you might start from there and be lucky enough to make your dreams real!

Hope to see you soon! vr