Resilience and Solidarity

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When speaking about unexpected events connected with uncertainty, we first think of an adversity as the possible cause of failure, desperation and serious disease, but resilience against adversity may also be a factor of metamorphosis: the Waldorf Today Newsletter in December reports a deep contribution on the subject, written by William Bento for the Holy Nights Journal, where he focuses on the strength of resilience in fighting disruptive events.

Just a few weeks earlier, in November, AEL Newsletter  published the article “Living with uncertainty” where it was highlighted the need for individuals and communities affected by adverse events to rely on their own efforts –which is another expression for resilience- as well as on the power of solidarity.

I now propose our Readers the introduction to William Bento’s Journal as presented by the Waldorf Today Newsletter for it looks like there is resonance –even if from the distance- between the two pieces.

As we continue to face unexpected natural catastrophes, social and political unrest, global economic instability, and disruption in all aspects of our collective and individual lives, it becomes ever more imperative that we find both the strength and care of the soul that can maintain our sanity and sense of nobility.

[quote align=”right” color=”#5E96B0″]Resilience is an intrinsic capacity of the human being to endure and triumph over adversities.[/quote]
Resilience is an intrinsic capacity of the human being to endure and triumph over adversities
. It does not belong to a chosen select few as once thought a century ago. With the emerging paradigm of salutogenesis resilience has become an essential component to any holistic education. By identifying and cultivating a sense of coherence we can build the healthy forces to withstand the onslaught of adversial conditions shaping our post-modern life. The Holy Nights Journal will unfold a threefold sequence of exercises to instill the powers of resilience needed by us as individuals, families, communities, nations and humanity as a whole. Hygienic, psychological and spiritual practices will be introduced as a path of resilience for our time.

[quote align=”left” color=”#5E96B0″]Resilience and Solidarity: two active remedies against uncertainty[/quote]A guide is given for consciously working through meditations, questions and journalling topics for each of the Holy Nights. There are correspondences given of the Holy Nights to signs of the zodiac, human virtues, and dedications to the Saints accompanying each journalling page. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the Holy Nights and can be an equally wonderful gift for those who wish to enter more deeply into the significance of this sacred time. —
from the Holy Nights Journal as presented on “Waldorf Today” Newsletter on 17th December 2013.

To learn more and to order your own copy of the Holy Nights Journal, just click here.

If you are interested to explore more how to cope with uncertainty, stress and health, you might also be interested with the salutogenic theory by Aaron Antonovsky, a professor of medical sociology, who describes a new vision of the relation between health  and disease. The following scheme has been taken from their website where you can read more about Salutogenesis:


You are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences about coping with uncertainty, unexpected  and related topics using the space for comments below or any other means of communication. Please do it if you like it.