The Programme 2015 is ready for you!

Here it is!


The new programme 2015 is now ready on our website where you can read dates, fees, features and reserve a place online.

What is new?

Some teachers, activities, excursions, social evenings, cultural events, host-families will change for various reasons: availability, schedule of local events and performances, feedback of the previous students. All these factors and others are going to determine various changes.

There is however one reason why every year we want to regenerate our programmes: AEL is a living project and every summer nothing and no-one is exactly the same as the year before. There will be new students, some coming for the first time and some returning. And even the returning students won’t be the same as the year before, they will come back very different indeed.

Teachers will face the challenge of dealing with new students. Students will face the challenge of jumping out of their familiar routine where everything is well known and plunging into a new world where nothing is known but all is new: language first, home, food, school, friends, teachers, social relations, life-style. It is a sudden, intense transformation that is the ground of their improvement of language skills as well as of their self confidence and social awareness.

So, what is new is not only within the contents of the programme -such as activities or teachers or families or events- which is an organic aspect of annual changes, but also the human actors who more or less consciously will experience the feeling of being new!

Good boys and good girls, bad boys and bad girls, they all change one summer to the next.

Good boys and good girls are the delight of teachers who would like to have only them!


there is no rose without a thorn“, so there is no bunch of students without some “cheeky monkeys“! (My apologies to the monkeys…).

We welcome everyone who likes to come and learn with us, enjoy the challenges of life, enjoy dealing with diversity, enjoy your experience in the UK and… be ready for a “human-centred project”.

That means that during our summer programme –while learning English and communicating in English– we all need to be willing to learn how to deal with myself, how to live together, how to respect each other regardless of the origin, belief, gender, life-style, political views and all those elements that might create controversy and tension. Although we have never experienced very serious issues in this respect, I feel significant to address the students in advance to our ethos.

The programme 2015 will be full of “Active English Learning“! full of joy, participation, community, exploration.

Come and see: you will learn English and MORE! 


PS: If you like to support Active English Learning, please spread the word: we need your help as part of a human-centred network! And please do contact me if you need printed material or more info, thank you.