Special Invitation to Holywood students!

Laura Plummer, the director of the choir “Voices of Lecale” in Downpatrick, has uploaded two videos on her YouTube channel for the Active English Learning students in Holywood. She will lead some choir workshops in Holywood, that will end up with a performance at the Fiddler Green International Festival in Rostrevor!

In the first video Laura introduces our students to the summer workshops and the song she wrote to celebrate Rostrevor:

“It would be lovely for Irish people to hear young visitors from other countries singing a song about their village! It’s about an old legend about St Bronagh’s Bell. She is the patron saint of Rostrevor”

Watch the video “Summer School 2014” now

In the second video you can hear the song “St Bronagh’s Bell” performed by the “Voices of Lecale” for their last CD, as background music of a beautiful slideshow about Rostrevor and its surrounding.

Watch the video “St Bronagh’s Bell” now

You may like to learn the music and lyrics by listening and watching the video before coming to Holywood.

You can also download the lyrics from Laura’s website as she has kindly setup a link for this purpose: click here to visit Laura’s website and download the lyrics of St Bronagh’ Bell.

By the way: if someone feels not very confident with singing (as I am), don’t worry, you will find your voice! Our target is not to get you sing at the Metropolitan in New York, but enjoy singing and sharing the joy of being together! You can be sure that you will come out of these workshops more confident and more enthusiastic than ever!

“It would be nice if they (the students) could also perform some songs from their home countries too?”

Yes, Laura, it is a great idea to share folk songs from our countries with the Irish people! They will be very pleased to hear folk songs from Italy, Japan, Spain!

Dear AEL Students, please select some folk songs from your own country NOW and send them to me or to Laura as soon as possible.

Don’t postpone what you can do now: act now!!! when you visit Laura’s videos, you may like to post your comments and your “likes”! Thank you!

I look forward to meeting you this summer!


PS: Parents and Friends who would like to visit Northern Ireland and join us in the Rostrevor festival are warmly welcome!!! For more info please do not hesitate to contact me