Programme 2014: more joy, more English, more action!

Teenagers, children and families coming to our courses this summer will find a programme more special than ever! More joy, more English, more action! What is special?

May I tell you first our intention while designing the programme 2014: we want our students feel goodfeel at home, feel socially and culturally welcomed as members of the local community.

We want our students breath and absorb the language as well as the life-style of the people in this country where they will live even if for a short time.

We want to make their experience in the UK intense, enjoyable and unforgettable!

They are going to learn English, but also they will enjoy learning how to live away form their own daily routine, how to deal with themselves, how to be responsible in such a new environment.

The special events of the summer programme 2014 deserve to be highlighted as it is not very common to have the possibility of selecting such a wonderful range of performances as it happens this year! T only list of them will give you a good feeling of the great efforts we are engaged in:

  1. The musical “Les Miserables” in Exeter for the Junior1 course
  2. The Fiddler’s Green International Festival in Rostrevor for the Junior2 course
  3. The masterpiece “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare at Minack Theatre in August.

Each event will be prepared in special sessions during the course to improve the understanding of  what they are going to watch: that means the students will be playing characters and scenes in drama workshops in Devon or performing folk songs and folk music during music sessions given in Holywood in preparation to the Rostrevor Festival.

At the end of each course the students will have the opportunity to show their talents and what they have learnt to a (friendly) audience, that is host-families and friends!

English lessons related to the events and led by enthusiastic teachers (well, at least enthusiastic at the beginning… hopefully also at the end of the contact with our sensible, wonderful students!!!) will help our pupils widen and deepen their language skills and improve their confidence with the spoken English.

“Tell me more” cries the greedy reader! Yes, but not all or you won’t have any surprise… May I just tell you, there will be archery, canoeing, crafts, visual arts, pottery, British or Gaelic Games (it depends where you will be, in Dartington or in Holywood), cookery, leatherwork, circus skills, dancing and a few more activities as well as outings to explore local communities and visit special sites.

The activity programme may vary in our two locations, Dartington and Holywood and this is where you find the difference: but the common denominator is that you will enjoy, you will learn, you will be warmly welcomed in both locations in our Active English Learning courses!