Passion for music! Welcome back, Lucie!

Lucie, singer and composer

Lucie is coming back to Devon this summer to lead choir in our teenager course in June (T1) in Dartington!

First a huge thank you, Lucie, as it is a real joy to work with you! Lucie is a naturally talented teacher not to say a fantastic composer, singer and musician! but also -with her availability- she is going to save the life and ears of the students in Dartington: in fact they didn’t know but they were running the risk of having myself as choir director and singer……. so, enjoy, dear students! now the risk is over -at least for this summer- and you will be very happy with Lucie’s tutoring. Who is Lucie, some of the new participants might ask.

Passion for music

Rather than speaking about her I much prefer recall the videoclips taken during her choir workshops last June and… redirect you to her website were you can actually see and listen and -if you like it- buy her music. So, click on the following links to see her in action in AEL, to experience her music and to watch her YouTube channel.

Music is life

Why music has a relevant part in the AEL courses (as well as drama)? Simple: because music is life, drama is life. And life is innately related to the language. A language is a special kind of music, a special tool for life!

Learning a second language opens the mind and soul of a learner as well as her social horizon and self-confidence. Music and drama are constantly included in our course design, not just as a final touch or a ‘flag for bees’: it is about nurturing the two basic roots of learning!

This summer our students will have lots of music, lots of drama, lots of English and lots of fun! I look forward to welcoming our students in the UK soon!!! vr

The Joy of Music
The Joy of Music