"On the Edge of Silence" Adrian in Concert in Italy

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Adrian gave a successful workshop in June in Dartington to the AEL students. It was an amazing improvisation session that led to create “Magic Land” during the lesson with the students: watch it on YouTube.

Next month Adrian will be in Bologna (Italy) to perform “On the Edge of Silence“, the meditative music he composed and plays with his Shakuhachi.

On the Edge of Silence” includes seven meditative pieces for solo shakuhachi – Japanese bamboo flute. Four Japanese pieces from Zen Buddhist tradition, and three original compositions by Adrian Freedman.

Some comments “On the Edge of Silence“:

“Starkly beautiful… stunning melodic purity” 
Natasha Kuler-von-der-Luhe 

“These traditional and modern compositions are a searing, spacious, zen meditation. Truly sound on the edge of silence. Some still music is soothing. This isn’t. Its a focused call to attention” Frazer Reid 

“He has achieved an excellent spiritual stage whereby he understands the spiritual and aesthetic expression to an extent which even Japanese people find difficult.” 
Yokoyama Katsuya (Japanese Shakuhachi Master)

The concert will be held on 26th of November 2014 at 8:30pm the in the theatre “Villa Mazzacorati Aldrovandi” in via Toscana 19, Bologna (italy).

I am pleased to invite to Adrian’s concert all our students who live in that area and everyone else who is interested with Adrian’s meditative music and his Shakuhachi, the ancient Japanese flute.

To read more about Adrian and his music or to buy his CDs, visit his website