New Programme 2014

The new programme 2014 is now available with new  features and improvements as required by the review of the past experiences. Although the basic structure of the courses is well established, we want to focus every year on  various aspects of the future courses and offer our “Active Learners” new learning opportunities and fresh inputs.

While designing the programme, we are constantly considering that:

  • our courses have to be active because we want the students being engaged in and responsible of their learning process;
  • our courses have to be effective so that our students may improve their English during their stay in the UK and receive the enthusiasm to continue learning English afterwards;
  • our courses have to be enjoyable because there is no learning if there is no joy;
  • we want to face the challenge of offering high quality programmes and  teachers at a sustainable cost.


Special events have been selected out of the cultural programmes available in the South West and in Northern Ireland to let our students experience the cultural life of local communities and to practice their English in real life. More details will be available soon.

Teachers and host families will be friendly, welcoming and careful as usual!

May I highlight that we try our best to keep the prices at a sustainable level, in some courses even below summer 2013. This is an issue, more challenging than it might appear: in fact, Active English Learning is not based only on “English lesson plus some entertainment” but on a 30 hours per week full programme of lessons and activities led by teachers, artists, craftworkers and qualified tutors who provide a high standard pastoral care and teaching. This scheme requires obviously higher costs, but we are still able to offer this programme at competitive fees.


Furthermore, as launch offer of the programme 2014, I am pleased to offer a 15% discount that applies to all the bookings arrived before Christmas and will be confirmed by 31/12/2013.

Should you be not ready for such a quick decision, don’t worry: also in 2014, we will try our best to help you join Active English Learning and enrol in our programme 2014!

Looking forward to welcoming you this summer in the magical UK!