"Music for Joy"

When Adrian comes to the “Creative Music” workshops, he only knows what is in his bags… or maybe he doesn’t know too! In fact it is a surprising session when Adrian comes for “creative music”… Some of the students might have some confidence with music, many have none. What I know before the workshop starts, is that the result will be great! and last summer has not been any exception.

Adrian leads the music worship -yes, it is more than a workshop!- in such a way that all flows harmoniously and the sounds coming out of the instruments are magically flying well joint together, full of feelings, of the soul-qualities that the students put into it and could hardly believe that it was them performing that piece! It was like the music came from all over them and was magically dancing in the air over their shoulders!

This was my impression at the time of the music session but now you can judge yourself: here below is the piece that Adrian improvised with the students of the June course in Dartington getting from the whole group an impressive, magical piece!

This music is not for dancing, it is not to listen while driving the car or travelling on a train. It is music that can be better appreciated when you are in peace and can enjoy in full the creation of this young, bright teenagers around their amazing teacher!

I gave this piece the temporary name of “Music for Joy” but would be very pleased if any of the students or readers would like to name it differently, finding a name that matches at best the quality of the piece.

Enjoy this beautiful improvised music session led by Adrian Freedman!