Current Location

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Sands is a democratic school in Ashburton, a town at the edge of Dartmoor National Park, that will host the AEL programme this summer.

“Genuinely child-centred teaching in small classes with a democratic ethos that fosters trust, mutual respect and self-directed learning” [from Sands website]

This presentation of Sands -as outlined on their website- shows an affinity between the ethos of Sands and the ethos of AEL. 

After crossing the dark period of the pandemic, new challenges and obstacles are awaiting us all.

Challenges and obstacles however may cause concerns, not fears: on the contrary, they may encourage us all to feed the seeds of reciprocal understanding, trust and mutual respect in every day teaching, working and learning together.

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Past Locations

Since the beginning of the first pilot project in summer 1998, AEL has been hosted in various locations. Each location provided a  great environment to the AEL students and deserves my gratitude. Here below a gallery of schools and places that hosted the AEL summer school.

SDSS location Dartington
South Devon Steiner School


The SDSS has been the school where the pilot project started in 1998. It hosted Ael until 2015 andwas an excellent cradle for the AEL development

Holywood Steiner School


Holywood Steiner school near Belfast hosted a popular 3-week course from 2009 to 2016 with excellent cultural and social standards.

Plymouth College of Art


A 3-week course at PCA offered a high quality programme called “Art & Language”. The level of art workshops and English tuition was outstanding!

Exeter Academy
Exeter Steiner Academy

The Exeter Steiner Academy has been a great location with good teachers and host-families. It had to be dismissed when the academy unfortunately had to closed down.

Exeter College
Exeter College


Exeter College was the attempt to offer teenagers over 16 an environment that could match their needs. The academic standard, activities and facilities were outstanding.

Fenit - Sailing
Fenit (Republic of Ireland)


With the support of a local friend, a “St Brendan  Programme” was set up in Fenit, an Irish village nested in a spectacular area on the Atlantic Sea.