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I am a baby boomer

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I’m a baby boomer!

In life there is always something new to learn…

I never heard about being a baby boomer. It was only during the first lockdown that I discovered that I am one of them!

Living with the existential question “who am I” was the struggle of my entire life and suddenly, out of the blue, it came the pleasant answer: someone knew about myself something I didn’t know yet!

I am a baby boomer, I discovered! 

Immediately I liked the idea of a being a baby-something and accepted that definition with a smile of intimate satisfaction! 

Who is a baby boomer?

Soon, however, the question just moved from “who am I” to “who is a baby-boomer”… 

Being ashamed of my ignorance I kept smiling with my daughters and tried to move to a different topic such as how many covid cases were discovered today or how miserable the weather was and similar meaningless stuff… 

Later on -as I really wanted to understand my newly revealed status- I googled: “who is a baby boomer”.

Yes, I asked Google because, you know, Google always know what you don’t. In 0.60 seconds the system returned 23.5 million answers: magic! I couldn’t bother to read all that stuff and just looked at the first couple of excerpts to get started.

Baby boomers (often shortened to boomers) are the demographic cohort following the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X…” 

This excerpt didn’t really clarify much about baby boomers but introduced new questions about those Silent and X generations… who are they?

The enlightenment of MOCK!

I had to go a bit further in my investigation and open Wikipedia (in this post I’ll refer to Wikipedia as MOCK, that stands for “Mother Of Complete Knowledge”) to find out some more information and possibly some clarity.

MOCK finally enlightened the darkness of my ignorance: the baby boomers are the cohort “generally defined as people born from 1946 to 1964, during the post–World War II baby boom”.

WOW! That’s me! I carried on reading the whole article with curious avidity and discovered that MOCK and similar sources of knowledge knew so much about me! there were even over 160 references plus several related books and external links! 

I felt that my existence came under a significant new light and everything that was written, was almost right but at one point I came across a different article, not on MOCK, that reported an interesting observation.

It says: They (the baby boomers) are known as being a wealthy and adventurous generation… 

Oh.My.God! The quality “adventurous” is definitely appropriate for my baby-boomer condition, but… the “wealthy” feature seems not applicable to myself… Although I suspect that this is just a personal deficiency…


PS: Wikipedia is a place I love, so my definition of Wiki as MOCK is not mocking it but out of my love for it (hope you don’t mind Wiki…)