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How are we to live? What is the ‘good life’ in the 21st century? How can we live ethically in the modern world? What is the role of ethics in our individual lives and communities? Many of us feel that ethics, morality and ethical behaviour is absent in societies today.

On the one hand in almost every part of our modern world we see examples of ethical failure.

On the other we see examples of ethical response to some of the problems in the modern world from individuals to groups seeking a more ethical understanding of their lives and the world they live in.

John CarryTo be ethical is to be human, everyone has a sense of ethics, but often this is not to the fore in our thinking and everyday lives.

This event is a ‘space’, facilitated and supported, for the exploration of these ethical issues. It does not aim to give participants the ‘true’ or ‘correct’ way to live or tell them what is the ‘good life’ for them.

The aim and intention is to provide a stimulating and safe discussion space for people to listen to expert and provocative ideas about the role of ethics in the modern world. Hopefully at the end participants will be provided with some ideas and principles to enable them to leave better able to understand the world they live in and make that own mind up about their own ethical perspectives and how they can live ethically.

A variety of teaching, learning and discussion styles will be used, from standard lectures, interactive seminars, group work, films, role play and individual problem-based study.

Who is John Barry?

Dr. John Barry is Reader in Green Political Economy in the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy at Queens University Belfast.  He has written extensively on the ethics, economics and politics of the transition of society away from high consumption, high carbon energy intensive lifestyles towards more sustainable forms of societal development.  His books include, Rethinking Green Politics (1999), Environment and Social Theory (2007) and his latest book is The Politics of Actually Existing Unsustainability:  Human Flourishing in a Climate Changed, Carbon Constrained World (2012).  He is also an active member of the Holywood Steiner school and was Chair of the Management Council of the school for a number of years.  He is also a Green Party politician, a former co-leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland, and is currently a local councillor on North Down Borough Council in Northern Ireland.

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