Creative Music: let’s play now!

Absolutely enjoyable!

To be part of Adrian workshops is one of those experiences that let you go out fully refreshed and willing to start again!  It is not a question of style or genre, it is the human essence that Adrian’s music transfer to the participants. On his website he describes “My journey with music” with splendid notes:

[quote title=”Adrian” Text=”a search for the purity of a simple melodic line……a fascination with the study of different musical instruments and musical styles……a call by the language of the heart to explore inner dimensions of the spiritual realm…. Throughout my childhood music was the only language, the only reality, that I could really understand. Subsequent years have been an adventure led and governed by a passion for music in all its myriad forms….and I have followed wherever the muse has led…. From early school interests in dixieland jazz and baroque ensembles to university studies in contemporary classical music and then a developing passion for “world music” that led to extended stays in Japan and Brasil……and from there to the simplicity of devotional song….. Ultimately this search has led me to the edge of silence and back, and I’m happy to share this journey with you……” name=”a search for the music” name_sub=”the simplicity of devotional song”]

(from Adrian Freedman’s website:

Thank you, Adrian!  You have been simply fantastic in your workshops with our students! For your music, for your teaching, for your simplicity.   If you, Reader, don’t know much about Adrian Freedman please visit his website now: it really deserves. Enjoy!