"Arts & English Language"

A Creative Summer Language School

For Teenagers & Young People

2024: dates to be confirmed

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“Creativity is not a capacity of special people

but a special capacity of all people”

Understanding, speaking and actively communicating in English is our focus at “Arts & English Language” in Plymouth

“Arts & English Language” is a creative summer language school, designed for teenagers and young people who want to develop their capability to understand and speak English through a programme that combines English tuition and a wide range of creative activities such as film-making, photography, graphic design, textile design, fine arts, contemporary crafts and more …

making & speaking

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Common Values

Common language,
common values

The main purpose of a language is to connect people and be a means of social interactions so that they can understand one another.

In “Arts & English Language” at Arts University Plymouth we aim to promote a sense of community amid participants based on common values:

    • mutual respect
    • tolerance
    • fairness
    • individual freedoms
    • social awareness

Barbican, overview



  • Venue: Arts University Plymouth
  • Dates: to be confirmed
  • Recommended age ranges: 16-19 (& up to 21)
  • Daily Schedule: Monday to Friday 09:30 to 16:00
  • Full day outing: Saturday
  • English lesson: 10 hours per week
  • Creative activities: 15 hours per week
  • Individual Tutorials
  • Certificate of Completion

Accommodation: Full Board homestay – Option of self catering for student 18+

  • Course Fee (2-week module): from £1,390.00 (GBP – British Pounds) 


  • You can travel independently or with an assisted group if available
  • Airlines fee may vary depending on various factors
  • Arrivals: Saturday or Sunday before the course commences – Departures: Saturday or Sunday after the course ends


  1. What is included: Full programme and accommodation
  2. What is NOT included:
    • Journeys from/to your Country;
    • personal insurance;
    • personal expenses
  3. Optionals:
    • Travel
    • London weekend (if available)

Language development

Live English in full!

Interactive English lessons help our students fully immerse into a lively English environment where the focus is on understanding, speaking and actively communicating in English.  

English class

Improve language skills!

Living English direct

Grammar topics, language structures and phonetics are well cared for, according to the needs of participants to help them produce correct texts and comprehensible pronunciation   

Practice oral & written Communications!

Students are encouraged to think about their activities and learning, to investigate and discuss themes of their choice, to produce written and verbal communications and share their findings with other students in a friendly cooperation

IMG_3206 3
photography in barbican

Enjoy a creative approach

You will be engaged in a variety of creative activities:
from drawing to painting, photography to film-making, jewellery to pottery, graphic or textile design to clay modelling and contemporary crafts.

All creative activities are led by professional teachers and tutors who take care for your effective learning and wellbeing.

Is this course for students of art schools?

Not only! This course is for students of all schools!

“Art & English Language” is indeed designed for every student to practise English as a lively means of communications in a dynamic, stress-free environment that will help you discover & nourish your creativity and personal talents!

Students of art schools –especially if they are thinking of undertaking a career in creative industries– may find a further motivation by living and studying in the context of Arts University Plymouth and working with its tutors. 

Feeding personal development



When you improve your skills and capabilities, your self-confidence grows out of your own learning and you can say:
Yes, I can do it!


Social awareness

Working in team makes everybody aware of the needs of the other teammates and encourages to take care of one another

Individual Craft


Cooperative learning facilitates the support of those who need help in a team, nourishes individual responsibility and promotes interactions

Arts University Plymouth

“Arts University Plymouth is an independent specialist university run by artists and designers for artists and designers, widely regarded as a dynamic catalyst for creative learning and social justice.

The world needs creatives now more than ever. Our proposition is that making is as important as reading and writing, as science and maths, and that the purpose of learning is inseparable from that of living your life. This is a place for making things, for making things happen, and for making a difference.

Social justice, through community impact and social mobility, and creative learning, through pedagogical innovation, are part of our DNA and at the heart of everything that we do.

We provide a platform, a crucible, a space where people come together, explore new horizons, and push the boundaries of creative practice.

Together, we imagine, experiment, think, learn, make things, and make things happen. Whatever you want to make, wherever you want to go, the journey starts here, and never stops.”

(from the AUP website)

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Interested with a career in creative industries?

AUP is a unique institution committed to foster creativity since 1856.

Visit their website to explore what they can offer to your further and higher education.

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