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Impact of Covid on mental health

In most countries the restrictions against Covid are now over and some people speak about going back to a “normal life”. Others already warn about the next deadly variant or new viruses. 

The reality however seems not so defined in one way or the other. In addition, there is not only Covid amid the viruses affecting the world as the current nasty war in Europe shows. 

The consequences of the pandemic are already well visible, beyond the physical impact and the heavy toll of deaths and cases.

The impact of Covid on mental health

Symptoms like anxiety, loneliness, depression and uncertainty have dramatically worsened in the last two years.

For young people a deeper factor of distress is the lack of perspective about their future, the worries of being left-behind because of lower school performances, the fears that the disruption in their education could imply a disruption in their future professional opportunities and also in their personal and social development. 

Their mental condition could be briefly described as being hopeless.

Being hopeless is a real distress

Being hopeless is one of the most serious mental conditions that might affect children, teenagers and young people.

Such an invisible mental status -primarily caused by Covid, now combined with the consequences of the war- could become a generational trauma that will tragically affect the children of the countries involved, but also those who are watching such a catastrophe.

The adults should become very quickly aware that a hopeful future can only be based on a peaceful, tolerant mindset that is shaped to understand and respect one another. Military weapons do not have those qualities.

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Valerio Romoli

I am the founder and manager of the AEL project, committed to take care of the wellbeing of our young learners as well as their good language development.