Adventure in Plymouth!

This summer I tried the “Art & Language” course in Plymouth and it was amazing!

On the third week, we had to make our own short film. My team was composed by Marta, Nicolas and obviously myself.

We decided to concentrate our video on what happened every day in Plymouth so we started filming people walking in Drake Circus and cars passing near our school.

Some days earlier we noticed that near the lighthouse there was a big ruined building: we went there to take some pictures and we found out that it was the day of the demolition! And it was perfect because we filmed it creating a unique and unforgettable scene of our short film!

After half an hour we moved back to the city centre to search something interesting and we saw a man with his saxophone playing jazz music in the shopping area; Nicolas started filming the musician and suddenly an old man that was listening and sitting near him stood up and began to dance!

Immediately we were a little bit shocked because we had never seen a man who for no apparent reason begun dancing in the middle of the street for no reason… but after a few minutes I became interested in what the man was doing! so, thanks to Marta that said to me: “go on! Where’s the problem!” I decided to dance with him!

I’ve never done something similar in my life…maybe because in Italy I feel more judged or because I never had the occasion to do it, but it was absolutely the best experience in my life! At the beginning of my AEL holyday I had in mind to do everything my head had thought and it was a perfect choice because I did a lot of unforgettable experience like this one of the street dance!

The old man and I danced together with no need of talking for about three minutes and at the end we applauded each other and he thanked me for having danced with him. I smiled, then he sat again on the bench listening to the beautiful live music.

I think that I’ll never forget this experience, and in general the entire holidays!

(Miranda Carignano)