Hurry up! it is time for boarding!

Great news for our summer programmes! It will be hot, it will be thrilling!

We are in Spring (it says the calendar…) and the preparation for the summer programmes is spinning faster! It is time to keep our students and their families and friends  informed of the progress. It is also nice if you share the information with interested people who may want to join the AEL programmes 2016.

Steiner Academy Exeter

EXETER – Steiner Academy Exeter

The teenager course at Steiner Academy Exeter has been very successful from the launch in January 2016.

The course needed to be relocated after the traditional location in Dartington was no longer available in this period. There was some sadness in moving to a different place, but when I met Alan, Mark and other people at the Steiner Academy the energy for a new venture grew higher! They welcomed the idea of setting up a summer language school in Exeter.

Lena was chosen as course manager, we rolled the sleeves up and in a blink of an eye the new project was shaped with loads of enthusiasm and optimism (which luckily it doesn’t cost too much and it is always healthy when it is not a ducky one!) !

The programme we are working on will be absolutely fantastic and I can guess that we will achieve our goals: make our students feel good, learn English intensively, enjoy learning, doing activities, socialising, having fun!

English lessons will be led by experienced, qualified teachers and directed more than ever to improve the spoken language overall, its fluency and correct grammar.

Host-families will be from the Steiner Academy Community, friendly and warmly welcoming our young visitors. They will take care of their guests’ wellbeing on daily basis. In addition, Tim and Lena will assist students and families to get to know one other and make sure that everyone will be happy from arrival to departure! and farther….

I will keep you informed of details while the preparation progresses, but can already now anticipate that the activity programme will include Taiko (welcome back, Jonathan!), British Games, Folk Dances, Parkor, Tai Chi Quan (太极拳), Crafts, Clip&Climb (see picture below), canoeing, archery, visual arts, perhaps fashion design and photography! Wow!

One more surprise: our visiting students will have hot food from the school mensa!!! (this is why it will be a hot programme….)

A few places are still available in this course: if you are thinking of coming to Exeter or if you know someone who is interested to come to Exeter, do not wait too long! Contact me as soon as possible for any info or details. Or just go online and book straightaway!

PLYMOUTH – Plymouth College of Art

This programme is designed for young people, 16 to 19 about (upper age-limit could be extended slightly according to individuals). There will be a good space to improve your English (14 hours per week plus 6 hours of individual projects) and to enjoy creative activities provided by the teachers of the College.

Every creative workshop will encourage students to design their project and make a complete product to take home and to enrich their portfolio: still life drawing, printed textile, jewellery, stop motion animation, experimental drawing, fashion, printmaking, digital photography, graphic design. Warning: after this experience you may want to study at Plymouth College of Art !!!

Do you think that you need to be an artist to come to the “Art&Language“? Don’t worry! you do not need any art skills: you will enjoy art while learning English. And you will enjoy a school that is encouraging people of any ages to develop ideas, to be creative and to enjoy their experience! Come along and you will be amazed!

A great good news from Plymouth too: all the host-families will be selected amid the college community, teachers or members of staff . This solution will provide an accommodation with families who live in the social and cultural environment of the College.

HOLYWOOD – Holywood Rudolf Steiner School

Holywood Rudolf Steiner School

This beloved course is set in a peaceful, harmonious environment surrounded by the magical atmosphere of Belfast Loch. It is the perfect setting for an enjoyable, safe, effective learning.


The team in Belfast is well established and they will be together again: Ruth & Ruth, Sara, Federica and the new travel assistant Isabella. The programme and daily routine are very pleasant providing an unforgettable experience: the Giant Causeway and Carrick a rede Rope Bridge, the Ivy Bar, Gaelic Games, crafts, cookery, photography, visual arts, singing with Emma, rafting, climbing, archery and surely much more will come out of Ruth’s cylinder!

There is still a good availlability: do not miss this opportunity, enrol this 3-week course and enjoy a special offer!

DARTINGTON – South Devon Steiner School

The Family Camp will take place here with the courses “Learn&Play” for children 6 to 12 and “Active Teens” for teenagers 13 to 17. Many of our students can be testimonial of the magics still alive in this environment! Often visitors have the clear feeling that in the woods and along river Dart, dwarfs and fairies could still appear at any moments from behind a bush or a tree! Lise, John, Tim and Zemfira will manage the Family Camp.


The programme will fire your inspiration and imagination: do not hesitate to spend here your August holiday. And parents or adults can also have English lessons on a one-to-one or mini-group basis.

This period still sees good availability and special offers for individuals and families!

Do not wait: book online or contact me for more details or to reserve a place!

Book any course by 30th April 2016 and enjoy a special offer to facilitate the financial costs of studying abroad (contact me for details). You may take advantage of the current exchange rate too, as far as it lasts….

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