Programme 2016: what is new!

Children with families, teenagers, young people: the programme 2016 will offer a wider range of opportunities to improve your language skills as appropriate to the age and level of English!

Three news overall: the “Art & Language” programme for young people at Plymouth College of Art; the “Active English for Teenagers” at Steiner Academy Exeter; the Bilingual Learn&Play in addition to the traditional English classes.

Art & Language

“Art & Language” is a long awaited option designed for older teenagers (16-17) and young people 18 and over. The initiative is supported by Plymouth College of Art: that will provide the activity programme over three weeks.

2012_College_BuildingStudents will be working with one tutor per week on a creative project, which is a great benefit to facilitate their relation with their tutor, who teaches the same subject at the college during the school year.

Students of “Art & Language” will therefore experience a learning condition similar to residential students and may appreciate the real atmosphere and style of the Plymouth College of Art. Students will build up their final portfolio by producing daily or weekly outcomes on the proposed themes such as -for example- fashion project, digital photography, stop motion animation or graphic design. 

“Art & Language” is addressed not only to students of Art Schools but to everone who wants to improve their English communication skills through active English lessons as well as creative workshops in a welcoming, friendly community as the Plymouth College of Art is: “As an independent, specialist art college we welcome people who want to be part of our free-thinking and dynamic community”.

Steiner Academy Exeter

Active English for Teenagers in Exeter

The “Active English for Teenagers” at the Steiner Academy Exeter will be a fresh new start of our historical teenager course that did run in Dartington at South Devon Steiner School for 18 years and will experience a stage of new growth in Exeter, the dynamic Capital of Devon where the Steiner Academy has been founded three years ago. The new school is situated in Thomas Hall, an impressive site surrounded by an outstanding rural environment, very close to the city centre: The Exeter Cathedral is only one and half mile away, about 30 minute walk!.

SAE_logoIt might be interesting to know that the Steiner Academy is a great project as it has been established as free school, that means completely based on public funding, therefore enabling a wider audience to come in touch with the Steiner education. My hope is that the cooperation between AEL and the Steiner Academy may develop into a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.

Bilingual “Learn & Play” for children in Dartington

BI-LEARNPLAY 3MMPAGE2Zemfira Hanbury-Inogamova who last summer worked in AEL as assistant and Student Carer, looking after the wellbeing of the students with great success, is now taking the lead of a Bilingual Learn&Play. Zemfira is very committed to the development of Bilingual Parenting and will explore this summer her very good idea of offering other languages to families who are raising their children bilingually. The available languages will be Russian and English or Kirghiz and English as she is qualified and fluent in both languages. The traditional English classes will continue as before. After the language lessons children of various groups will gather together for the activity programme. It will be an exciting pilot project and -I believe- very successful: so fingers crossed and go ahead Zemfira!

Teenager in Holywood and Family Camp in Dartington


The list of courses offered by AEL in summer 2016 is completed by the teenager course in Holywood in July -now arrived to the 8th edition, always well beloved by the large majority of participants- and the Family Camp in Dartington in August that includes courses for Teenagers, Children and Families.

DSCN0304-2When looking at the full range of courses, you can see that our students have now the possibility to follow the whole path of English learning from the early stages to the most advanced levels throughout all the intermediate steps! May I share with delight that three of our students are now studying at schools and universities in the UK! A nice achievement for our nearly 20 years of activity, promoting -although on a small scale- the English language and culture through the small Active English Learning project!


You may read more info on our website, but also you can contact me for any further details or for advice on what is most appropriate for your needs and expectations.

The AEL website and pages on social networks can provide many photos, videos and articles that may help you visualise and understand our “hands-on” approach.

May I suggest here that you take two significant steps to address your choice:

  1. focus your target!
  2. get it!



I hope to welcome as many students as possible this summer in the UK!