Dartington Morris Men are here!

Thank you Roy!

Roy has just confirmed that the Dartington Morris Men will give a workshop to the AEL students in August!


Morris Dance has been part of English life for at least six hundred years and may be much older…” (from the Morris Ring website, read more)

The Morris dance is a  traditional English form of folkdancing, performed by groups of men or women. A very special time for Morris dance is the month of May: on the 1st of May at dawn the Morris Sides perform their dances at dawn. Last year the Dartington Morris Men celebrate the dawn on May 1st with a dance in Totnes Castle supported by a very brave audience ready to go out before 5:30am!

“In common with a number of Morris dance teams elsewhere in the UK, we dance at dawn on May Day each year to mark the beginning of our summer dance programme” writes the Bagman of the Dartington Side, John Skirton.

We love to dance the sun up at various lovely spots across South Devon, and have done so from places such as Dartmoor tors and coastal locations like Burgh Island. This year we have chosen once again to dance in Totnes Castle, which is such a perfect spot (with the permission of English Heritage).” {to read more click here)

If you can’t come on the 1st of May, try to join the AEL courses in August and you will experience the Morris Dance alive, dancing yourself -if you like it- with the Dartington Morris Men! They will introduce the AEL participants to the magic of dancing! and to the magic of the Morris!

Exploring the local communities, their tradition, their culture, their folk dances is simply enjoyable: come and see and enjoy with us!


Update, June 2015 – Unfortunately, the Morris Men had to cancel the workshops. Hope they would be available in the future